Artistic disruptions of the everyday


Every now and then you stumble upon something strange in the city – you’re not sure what you’re seeing or what you should think of it. Security guards on skateboards, strange signs in shop windows, religious fish at ­­the market... Is it some kind of prank, or has reality gone off the rails? How is this to be explained? Everything must have an explanation, after all.

I have been creating art that evokes mixed responses of confusion, disbelief, hilarity and disapproval in various parts of the world for nearly twenty years. My works are usually situated in public spaces, sometimes also in museums and galleries. When I’m working in a public space, I rarely ask for permission or announce my intentions beforehand. I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Sometimes my works are easily overlooked in the info-glut of urban spaces, but there is always a passer-by who spots them. They are a catalyst for surprising encounters, for unexpected disruptions
in the ceaseless flow of everyday routine.


-Otto Karvonen