Quest for a Border

Performance at Strøget & video at Nikolaj Kunsthal
Copenhagen art festival

A busy Saturday afternoon in the center of Copenhagen: streets are filled with people walking around and doing their shopping. Two uniformed people appear among the crowd, carrying a tall metal fence with a text “Border” written on it. Soon another fence appears, carried by two uniformed people. Then a third fence appears, and so on…

The uniformed people are moving across the pedestrian crowd, looking for a place to set up their fences. They come together occasionally, break apart again, turn around, go forward and backward, following a seemingly random choreography.

We are constantly dividing and categorizing the world by erecting physical and mental borders. People are defined and judged primarily through difference – in nationality, class, gender, social or economical status and anything we can possibly imagine. The performance is underlining the pointlesness and absurdity of this ongoing quest for borders.