Belief System

Solo exhibition at Galleria Heino
Helsinki, Finland 2018
Cherry wood and acrylic paint
Inkjet prints
Photographs: Pertti Kärki
Other images: Otto Karvonen

My exhibition at Galleria Heino featured a brand new series of works comprising wood sculptures and photography that represents a significant departure from my earlier output. However, each of the works on display is connected to themes I have explored in my work previously, including topics such as our beliefs and prejudices and our relationship with otherness in all its forms. I have used wood to sculpt (by hand) three-dimensional diagrams that model the process by which our opinions and perceptions (in this case my own) are formed. In order to develop a better understanding of these sculptural models representing the systems that make up the human mind, I have taken X-ray images of them and rendered them as cyanotype prints for the exhibition. I also had the sculptures 3D-scanned and made some line drawings out of the scans.